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The media concept offered by Mozoomi creates several benefits compared to existing mobile marketing concepts.

A direct channel to the mobile users

Perfect complement to campaigns in other traditional media channels, easy to initialize new campaigns and very cost efficient, meaning a high ROI.

Extremely targeted

User demographics are available on an individual level as well as possibility to determine time intervals for the exposure of the ads.

Highly measurable

View the number of unique users available to target as well as the total number of both overall and unique impressions that your ad will target.

Highly interactive

The user can interact with the ad through just a tap with the finger.

The advertising is made on both the advertisers┬┤ and the users┬┤ conditions

The media channel can be used for all kinds of advertisement and it can be combined with various offerings such as mobile coupons, etc. Mozoomi has also developed a tailor made marketing service for mobile apps.

Mobile Users

Get relevant offers and compensations without being disturbed.


Mozoomi offers advertisers a new media channel.

App Developers

Is there any better place to promote your app than where it finally belongs.

Mozoomi Store

Use your Mozoomi credits to buy apps and other mobile services.