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Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't get an SMS with a link to the app after putting in my phone number on the website

If you for some reason didn't receive an SMS with a link, please download our app from the Android Market

I can't see any offers in my wallpaper

Mozoomi only show offers in your wallpaper when we have something that we believe is relevant to you. In-between these offer's you will have your chosen wallpaper.

How do I interact with an offer that is showing in the wallpaper?

You can interact either by clicking the wallpaper or by clicking the Mozoomi icon.

How do I interact with an offer that is showing in the application?

Just click on the offer that you want to see more of.

How can I know that the service is working in my phone?

If the service is installed correctly you will have an offer in your wallpaper or a Mozoomi icon placed on your original wallpaper up in the right corner.

How do I share my offers on social networks?

Just click the wallpaper or the Mozoomi icon, slide to the offer you wish to share and click the "Share" button in the top right corner. Choose the way you wish to share the offer.

No information about you and your social network will be collected by Mozoomi.

I want to stop Mozoomi placing offers in my wallpaper

Just choose any another wallpaper and the service will stop. If you wish to reactivate Mozoomi, just choose Mozoomi Live Wallpaper from your live wallpaper picker.

If you want to unregister your account at Mozoomi, just go to application manager in your device, and click Mozoomi live wallpaper, and click uninstall.

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