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With Mozoomi's subscription service mobile users are offered the possibility to receive relevant ads in the mobile phone without being disturbed and get compensated for it!

The ads are shown in the wallpaper of the phone with a new ad everytime. The advertisement does not in any way affect the user behaviour. No sound, no pop-ups, nothing!

Based on the number of impressions you earn Mozoomi credits, which you can use to buy apps and other mobile services in the Mozoomi Store.

You subscribe to Mozoomi by creating an account and downloading and installing the application to you mobile phone.

You can choose to quit the subscription whenever you want by just deleting the application in the phone or by sending an sms or e-mail to Mozoomi.
Subscribe to Mozoomi to get non-intrusive and relevant ads.


Mobile Users

Get relevant offers and compensations without being disturbed.


Mozoomi offers advertisers a new media channel.

App Developers

Is there any better place to promote your app than where it finally belongs.

Mozoomi Store

Use your Mozoomi credits to buy apps and other mobile services.