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Mozoomi┬┤s advertising service can be used for many kinds of campaigns.

Since the mobile users are compensated with mobile services their interest in products in this field has been verified. However, Mozoomi offers great targeting opportunities in terms of age, sex, location, etc. This makes the media channel optimal also for campaigns of other products.

The ads are exposed in the wallpaper and/or gadgets in the mobile device and come in focus basically every time the phone is used. Since the ad is exposed on the whole screen the user is much more likely to pay attention to it compared to all other kind of banner advertising.

Compared to conventional mobile advertising campaigns the advertiser decides in advance the number of impressions to buy. Since Mozoomi puts together ad packages on a single user level the targeting potential is 100%. The advertiser can continuously follow campaign statistics during and after each campaign.


Mobile Users

Get relevant offers and compensations without being disturbed.


Mozoomi offers advertisers a new media channel.

App Developers

Is there any better place to promote your app than where it finally belongs.

Mozoomi Store

Use your Mozoomi credits to buy apps and other mobile services.