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About us

Mozoomi was founded by Niklas Sjöberg and Johan Frenckner in 2009 in order to create a new media concept for mobile marketing. The founders, who had previously been CEOs for leading mobile marketing and application companies, had identified a need for a new mobile marketing service.

In January 2010 Mozoomi filed its first patent including a technical innovation that enables a service with a clear value for the mobile user and that does not intrude on the user behavior. At the same time advertisers and app developers are able to target the users directly through the mobile device, reducing the ROI for the campaigns.

To view our patent, click here Mozoomi patent

Apart from Niklas Sjöberg, Founder and CEO with over fifteen years in telecom, Mozoomi has a strong team of senior developers continuously improving the technical platform and looking into new innovative ways of mobile marketing.

Mozoomi is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mobile Users

Get relevant offers and compensations without being disturbed.


Mozoomi offers advertisers a new media channel.

App Developers

Is there any better place to promote your app than where it finally belongs.

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